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DHM-dental B.V. is presenning FOUR products :

Yirro-plus® dental mirror system
Lottago® integrated suction system
ergoTOS® mobile dental chair
Medical-D® dental imaging camera
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  • ergoTOS® - Nederländerna
  • Lottago® - Nederländerna
  • Medical-D® - Nederländerna
  • Yirro-plus® - Nederländerna


  • Yirro-plus® dental mirror system

    Yirro-plus® dental mirror system. Yirro-plus® dental mirror is an UHR mirror (>99%) - very light and easy manipulable at difficult locations with optioneel air flow function

    Universally compatible to any dental unit
    Manual and automatic switching of air flow

  • Lottago® jaw support with integrated suction

    Lottago® jaw support with integrated suction. Lottago® jaw support with integrated suction is a simple tool to reduce work load during dental hygiëne procedures. The Lottago® jaw support is placed easily, can be used both left and right and is easy to connect to both small speed and high speed suction.

  • ergoTOS® mobile dental chair

    ergoTOS® mobile dental chair. The ergoTOS® mobile dental chair is a very functioneel chair when it comes to treatment of elderly people: the armrests and higher seat offer your patiënt maximum independence. This chair weighs only 13,7 kg and can be used for patients upto 125 kg. Chair comes with practical storage bag for safe and clean transport.



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